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Penn School of Social Policy & Practice
Provides social work education. (See Details)
Global Health Network
The Global Health Network is an alliance of experts in health and telecommunications who are actively developing the architecture for a health information structure for the prevention of disease in the 21st century. (See Details)
HERS Foundation

Forms a women's health education organization that provides full, accurate information about hysterectomy, its adverse effects and alternative treatments.

 (See Details)
Taylor & Francis Group
The Leadership Council
Provides the public with accurate, research-based information about a variety of mental health issues and to preserving society's commitment to protect its most vulnerable members. (See Details)
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
A leading international publisher of professional health information for physicians, nurses, specialized clinicians and students.
Temple University Press
Caron Foundation
Treats people with chemical addictions of every type: alcohol; drugs such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana and prescription medicines; and as well as substances such as inhalants and tobacco. Offers medical detoxification, gender-separate primary rehabilitation, relapse treatment and extended care for adults and adolescents; outpatient care; educational programs for family members and others whose lives have been impacted by addiction; life enrichment workshops for individuals in all stages of addiction; and student assistance services. (See Details)
International Council on Women's Health Issues
Forms an association dedicated to the goal of promoting the health, health care, and well-being of women throughout the world through participation, empowerment, advocacy, education and research. Membership is comprised of a multidisciplinary network of women's health providers, planners, and advocates from all over the globe. Constitutes an international professional and lay network of those committed to improving women's health and quality of life. (See Details)