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Serena Saskatchewan

Serena is a Canadian organization which is composed of trained members that use and teach the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) of Natural Family Planning (NFP).

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Indigenous Peoples Health Research Centre
Regina Public Library
Saskatchewan College of Family Physicians
Society for the Involvement of Good Neighbours
YWCA of Saskatoon
HOPE Cancer Help Centre

Dedicated to fostering healing and support to people who have or have had cancer, their families and caregivers, by striving to be affirmed, balanced and empowered and by being an active resource in an informed, compassionate and respectful manner. Offers a variety of programs to fulfill its mission, including support groups, home support, retreats, lending library, Internet access, and more.

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Sephira Healing

Aims to provide a safe place where women of all sexual orientations can be empowered to make positive choices with respect to their own health care. This belief of women taking control of their own health is based on feminist principles and is integrated within various complementary health modalities. The primary focus is women; men and children are also welcome.

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Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan
All Nations Hope AIDS Network
Increases awareness of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C among Aboriginal Peoples living in Saskatchewan. Provides educational workshops on prevention throughout the province. Offers support to individuals living with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C and to their families. (See Details)