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Centre de santé et de services sociaux de la région de Thetford

The CSSS de la région de Thetford contributes to maintaining and improving the health and well-being of the people of the area by the provision of services accessible, integrated, quality, safe and relevant.

These services include assessment, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, support and hosting of prevention and health promotion activities. Education and research are part of its mission and are a guarantee of excellence.

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Lennoxville and District Women’s Centre

Offers a meeting place and resource centre for women, formal and informal educational opportunities, a liaison between English-speeking women and existing services, and an information and referral service for all.

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Native Friendship Centre of Montreal

Works to promote, develop and enhance the quality of life of Montreal's urban Aboriginal community. 

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Multi-Ethnic Association for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities

Forms an organization that was created to give persons with disabilities from different ethnocultural background and their families a resource capable of supporting their steps toward integration on all levels, and direct them toward resources that meet their needs. Aims at full participation and integration into society, for all people, on all levels and its approach reflects this philosophy when carrying out activities and organising services. Responds to requests with regard to adaptation, jobs, income, education, francisation, immigration, social integration, justice, housing, and health. Also offers a self-help group of Spanish-speaking parents and a Committee of Women with disabilities from ethnocultural communities.

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Centre international des femmes de Québec

Forms an organization that works to help immigrant women and to facilitate their integration. Services include the following: case consultations concerning immigrant women, women in general and immigration; interpreting; meetings and sensitivity workshops; personalized french courses for immigrants; information, help, orientation and reference; sewing, decorating and culture workshops; outings, social activities and intercultural bringing together activities; and, daycare offered free of charge during activities.

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Canadian Lactation Consultant Association
Forms an association for those interested in the promotion, support, and protection of breastfeeding. // Forme un organisme pour tous ceux et celles intéressés par la promotion, le soutien et la protection de l'allaitement maternel. (See Details)
Algonquin Nation Progam and Services Secretariat
Canadian International Development Agency
Works to support sustainable development in developing countries in order to reduce poverty and to contribute to a more secure, equitable and prosperous world. Travaille pour appuier le développement durable dans les pays en développement afin de réduire la pauvreté et de rendre le monde plus sûr, plus juste et plus prospère. (See Details)
First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission

Forms an organization that strives to improve the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being of First Nation and Inuit individuals, families and communities in respect of their local autonomy and culture. By helping the communities that wish to initiate, develop and promote comprehensive health & social programs and services as designed by First Nations and Inuit organizations recognized by our First Nations and Inuit.

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-identified (LGBT) Family Coalition

Advocates for the legal and social recognition of LGBT families.  A bilingual group of LGBT parents and future parents exchanging information, sharing resources and having fun together with our children.

The LGBT Family Coalition works for the legal and social recognition of LGBT families in collaboration with government bodies and the media. We work to increase the visibility of our families and to raise public awareness of the reality of LGBT families. The LGBT Family Coalition creates new resources that can be used in primary and secondary schools, daycares, doctors’ offices, community organizations or social services to sensitize the public about our families and the diversity of our family structures.

Founded in 1998, the LGBT Family Coalition is the result of the merger of two highly successful non-profit community organizations: The Lesbian Mothers Association of Quebec and the Papa-Daddy Group

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