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St. Mary's Hospital Centre

St. Mary's Hospital Center is a university affiliated, community hospital which serves a multicultural population. We seek to provide the highest level of safe patient and family - focused care.

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Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital

The Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital ( is a general and specialized care hospital focusing on rehabilitation. It is also the regional centre for pediatric and adult clientele with disabilities in the Laval area. It provides clientele with disabilities caused by physical health problems or physical impairment with specialized services in intensive functional rehabilitation, socio-professional, socio-residential, and community integration, accommodation in non-institutional residences, and access to technical assistance. The objective of these services is the recovery of optimal autonomy and the social integration and participation of clients.  The JRH is a designated bilingual establishment welcoming a culturally diverse clientele while maintaining traditional links with its founding Jewish community.

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Sainte-Justine University Hospital Centre

Our mission is to improve the health - considered as the state of physical, mental and social balance - of children, teenagers and mothers of Quebec in association with our health care, university and research partners.

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nald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre

This geriatric centre commits to provide the best care and quality of life to Jewish elderly residents wherever they are in its system – in our long-term care residence, in the day hospital, in accredited homes, or in intermediate residences for those who don’t yet need the full range of long-term care.

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Lakeshore General Hospital

Lakehsore General Hospital, which is part of the West Island HSSC, wants to be recognized for the excellence of its service and the quality of its interactions with the population of its territory, its clients and its partners, as it is supported by the commitment and mobilization of its personnel.  This is done by knowing, maintaining and improving the health and welfare of the population of the West Island; by providing accessibility to integrated and quality health and social services and by supporting its clientele within the network of health and social services while encouraging autonomy.

Centre de santé et de services sociaux de la région de Thetford

The CSSS de la région de Thetford contributes to maintaining and improving the health and well-being of the people of the area by the provision of services accessible, integrated, quality, safe and relevant.

These services include assessment, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, support and hosting of prevention and health promotion activities. Education and research are part of its mission and are a guarantee of excellence.

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Montreal General Hospital

The Montreal General Hospital founded in 1821, enjoys a distinguished world reputation, as well as an impressive history of community service. The Montreal General Hospital, a pioneer hospital in North America, introduced teaching at the bedside and founded the first medical school in Canada — the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University.

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