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Multi-Ethnic Association for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities

Forms an organization that was created to give persons with disabilities from different ethnocultural background and their families a resource capable of supporting their steps toward integration on all levels, and direct them toward resources that meet their needs. Aims at full participation and integration into society, for all people, on all levels and its approach reflects this philosophy when carrying out activities and organising services. Responds to requests with regard to adaptation, jobs, income, education, francisation, immigration, social integration, justice, housing, and health. Also offers a self-help group of Spanish-speaking parents and a Committee of Women with disabilities from ethnocultural communities.

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Culture and Mental Health Research Unit
Conducts research on depression, anxiety and somatization among Canadian First Nations and Inuit peoples, immigrants and refugees, and in multicultural primary care settings. (See Details)
Ressources Ethnoculturelles Contre l'Abus envers les Aîné(e)s
Forme une initiative de travailleuses communautaires, d'organismes et d'individus des communautés ethnoculturelles. Sensibilise la collectivité aux mauvais traitements envers les aîné(e)s des communautés ethnoculturelles. Élabore des stratégies pour prévenir les abus en tenant compte de la langue et de la culture des aîné(e)s. Offre aux aîné(e)s de ces communautés la possibilité de participer à la sensibilisation et à l'éducation du public ainsi qu'à la mise en commun de ressources. // Forms an initiative of community workers, organizations and individuals from the ethnocultural communities. Raises awareness of elder mistreatment within the ethnocultural communities. Develops strategies for abuse prevention that respect the language and cultural perspectives of our elders. Provides opportunities for elders from the ethnocultural communities to participate in the work of raising awareness, resource building and networking.