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Women's Health Contribution Program

The Women's Health Contribution Program supports community-academic partnerships in the development and dissemination of policy research and information for women's health. The Program is managed by Health Canada.

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National Association of Women and the Law

The National Association of Women and the Law (NAWL) is an incorporated not-for-profit feminist organization that promotes the equality rights of Canadian women through legal education, research, and law reform advocacy.

Created at a conference held at the University of Windsor law school in 1974. Since then NAWL has used its unique research and educational strategies to raise public awareness about legal issues affecting women.

Has played a major role in the following milestones towards Canadian women's equality:

  • inclusion of Sections 15 and 28 in the Charter of Rights & Freedoms,
  • amendments to sexual assault laws,
  • positive changes to family law and to the Divorce Act,
  • rape shield legislation, and
  • criminal harassment legislation.
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National Association of Women and the Law (NAWL)

An incorporated not-for-profit feminist organization that promotes the equality rights of Canadian women through legal education, research, and law reform advocacy.

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Feminist Alliance for International Action/Alliance canadienne féministe pour l'action internationale (FAFIA)

Forms an alliance of Canadian women's organizations with the specific goal of assisting Canadian women's organizations to intervene in international fora in order to improve the economic conditions of Canadian women. Forme un organisme féministe qui travaille pour promouvoir la participation des femmes et des groupes de femmes en quête d'égalité aux débats actuels et à venir sur la politique nationale étant donné qu'il s'agit de débats alimentés et influencés par les tendances touchant la mondialisation et la libéralisation du commerce.

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Community YWCA of Muskoka

In the spring of 1994, a group of women came together to explore the need for supports and services for women and girls in Muskoka. Their commitment to better life opportunities and increased options for women and girls in our community led to the establishment of Community YWCA of Muskoka in the fall of 1997. Two programs, Women in Business and Girlz Unplugged, were developed and launched in these formative years, providing the foundation for many programs and services to follow.

Today, YWCA Muskoka champions equality for women and girls and supports individuals at critical turning points in their lives. YWCA Muskoka’s continuum of service supports adults and youth in transition, improving their capacity to thrive. Uniquely, we are a YWCA without walls, serving over 1500 individuals in 25 locations throughout Muskoka. We take programs and services to people versus people to programs, an effective program delivery model in a geography that spans 4761km2.

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North-South Institute

The North-South Institute provides research and analysis on foreign policy and international development issues for policy-makers, educators, business, the media and the general public. For more than 30 years NSI has built a reputation for sound, credible analysis of pressing issues related to global development

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Queen's University
Ontario Medical Association (OMA)

The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) represents the political, clinical and economic interests of the province's medical profession. Practicing physicians, residents, and students enrolled in any of the six Ontario faculties of medicine are eligible for OMA membership.

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Bracken Health Sciences Library

Queen's Library at a Glance

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National Watch on Images of Women in the Media

In Canada, the National Watch on Images of Women in the Media (MediaWatch) Inc is a bilingual (French and English) media-monitoring organization. It became an autonomous organization in 1983, originating as a sub-committee of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women. National Committee members are women who are experts in their fields. MediaWatch relies on their expertise and contacts to ensure that it can successfully reach its goals.

Its main objective is to have a media environment in which women are realistically portrayed and fairly represented in all their physical, economic, racial and cultural diversity. It does this by educating media industries, government, and the public. It conducts research and encourages community action.

In a recent research project in partnership with the University of Toronto it investigated the response of "tweens" (11 - 14 year old girls) regarding the effect of media on body image and self-esteem. The results were distributed to appropriate groups/individuals/agencies to be used to educate the general public, media organizations, and industry regulators.

Over the years, MediaWatch has influenced public policy, educated and mobilized consumers to advocate for change and contributed substantive research to the field. Through research analysis and public education, MediaWatch works with and trains health professionals, educators, researchers, students, community members, and media and industry personnel on how certain media portrayals of women and girls affect individuals' body image and self-esteem of individuals.

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