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Centre for Applied Social Research
Muskoka-Parry Sound Health Unit
Thunder Bay Breast Cancer Support Group
Ontario Breast Cancer Community Research Initiative
Hope's Garden Eating Disorders Support & Resource Centre
Offers support services to help people with eating disorders and their family and friends. Also provides a resource centre. (See Details)
National Council of Welfare
Forms a citizens' advisory body to the Minister of Human Resources Development Canada on matters of concern to low-income Canadians. (See Details)
Northwestern Ontario Women's Health Information Network
Mission is to enable women to take responsibility for their health and to actively participate in their health; to generate and maintain ongoing information network among women in Northwestern Ontario; to provide opportunities to share health experiences, resources and information; to promote awareness of health issues; to foster positive attitudes of self-worth in women; to promote effective use of health resources; to assist women in facilitating sharing of health information in their communities; to develop and design workshop kits and resource materials.
Tanarach - Rural Outreach Worker
Works to ensure that rural isolated women and children receive service.
Hassle Free Clinic: Women's Clinic
Provides reproductive health services for women in a feminist, non-judgemental, non-racist, lesbian-positive manner. Offers anonymous HIV testing, birth control information and methods, birth control pill starts/restarts, IUD counselling and insertions, diaphragm and cervical cap fittings, fertility awareness teaching and training, STI testing, treatment and follow-up, pregnancy testing, counselling, abortion referrals and post-abortion check-ups, Pap tests, breast examinations, other gynecological related appointments with their doctors, individual counselling and support for HIV+ women, sexuality counselling, alternative insemination counselling, presentations to community groups and organizations, displays at community events, needle exchange, emergency contraceptive pills, and general women’s health education and referrals. (See Details)
Association nationale de la femme et du droit
Forms an organization that seeks to promote the equality right of women through legal education, research and law reform advocacy. Groupe de femmes pan-canadien à caractère non lucratif qui appuie les droits des femmes à l'égalité par un travail d'éducation, de recherche et de réforme active du droit et qui travaille à l'amélioration du statut juridique des femmes du Canada en exigeant des réformes législatives. (See Details)