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Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness
Provides interests and awareness programs for children and adults to assist individuals in dealing with the impact of abuse. Professionally facilitated. (See Details)
Connecting Rainbows Breast Cancer Support Group
Provides peer support and information through sharing and caring. Improves the quality of life of women survuivors or breast cancer.
Rexdale Women's Centre
Provides culturally and linguistically sensitive settlement counselling services for women and immigrant women and their dependents. Increases or enhances women's and immigrant womens' skills and knowledge about issues related to their settlement and integration into the community. Provides an opportunity for women and immigrant women to meet in order to alleviate their sense of isolation. (See Details)
Keele Street Women's Group
Provides a supportive environment where women can increase their social support network and learn about community resources.
Immigrant Women’s Job Placement Centre
North Bay Indian Friendship Centre
Union of Ontario Indians
Stonegate Community Health Centre
Haldimand-Norfold Community Care Access Centre
AIDS Committee of Toronto
Forms a community-based, charitable organization that provides support, HIV prevention and education services for people living with and at risk for HIV/AIDS. Provides free, confidential supportive and practical services to men, women and youth living with HIV/AIDS, and information and support to friends, partners, and families of people living with HIV/AIDS. (See Details)