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Eating Disorders Recovery Group
Centre for Families, Work and Well-Being
Forms an organization that provides interdisciplinary research and educational centre responding to dramatic changes occurring over the last decades. (See Details)
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
Funds, supports and advocates for breast cancer research, education and awareness programs, early diagnosis and effective treatment, and a positive quality of life for those living with breast cancer. (See Details)
Alzheimer Day Program Support Groups for Families and Caregivers
Provides peer support and information to caregivers and families of persons with cognitive impairment. Professionally facilitated.
Working Women Community Centre
Assists immmigrant women to overcome obstacles in areas such as employment, training, education, housing, health, legal matters, family dynamics and social services. Promotes the development of self-sufficiency skills among immigrant women. (See Details)
Women's Healing Circle
A support group for women who have been, or are currently being abused and have experienced mental illness.
Canadian Council of Muslim Women
Forms an organization that works to: attain and maintain equality, equity, and empowerment for all Canadian Muslim women; promote Muslim women's identity in the Canadian context; assist Muslim women to gain an understanding of their rights, responsibilities, and roles in Canadian society; promote and encourage rapprochement and interfaith dialogue between Muslims and other faith communities; contribute to Canadian society the knowledge, life experiences and ideas of Muslim women for the benefit of all; strengthen the bonds of sisterhood among the Muslim communities and among Muslim individuals; stimulate Islamic thinking and action among Muslim women in the Canadian setting; acknowledge and respect the cultural differences among Canadian Muslim women and to recognize and develop our common cultural heritage; promote a better understanding of Islam and the Islamic way of life in the North American setting; represent Canadian Muslim women at national and international forums; encourage the organization and coordination of Muslim women's organizations across Canada. (See Details)
Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre
Sandy Hill Community Health Centre
Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women