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Lanark County Brain Injury Association
'tit Géant/Commission des étudiants
Forms a diverse, global-minded organization that is run by youth for youth across Canada. Strives to create opportunities for empowerment through innovative and educational processes and products. // Forme une organisation très diversifiée, possédant une grande ouverture d'esprit, et dirigée par et pour des jeunes à travers le Canada qui désirent augmenter leur confiance en eux et obtenir une plus grande autonomie ainsi qu'un plus grand pouvoir décisionnel. En ce sens, ils créent et réalisent différents projets et produits aussi innovateurs qu'éducatifs. (See Details)
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
Promotes a safe and healthy working environment by providing information and advice to all parties about occupational health and safety. Offers Inquiries Service to Canadians on specific health and safety issues in the workplace. Provides access to a wide range of publications, databases and information products. (See Details)
Canadian Auto Workers
Forms largest private sector union in Canada. (See Details)
Medical Reform Group
Forms an organization of physicians, medical students and others committed to ensuring access to high quality health care for all Canadians. (See Details)
Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD)
Provides support through sharing experiences and exploring solutions. Guest speakers attend meetings facilitated by psychotherapists.
McClelland & Stewart Inc.
National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy
Provides decision makers, opinion leaders and the Canadian public with advice and recommendations for promoting sustainable development. Identifies key issues with both environmental and economic implications, examines these implications and suggests how to balance economic prosperity with environmental preservation. // Offre aux décideurs, aux guides d'opinion ainsi qu'aux Canadiennes et aux Canadiens des conseils et des recommandations au sujet de la promotion d'un développement durable. Définit les grands dossiers qui entraînent des conséquences à la fois sur l'économie et l'environnement, examinent leurs répercussions et recommandent des mesures d'équilibre entre la prospérité économique et la sauvegarde de l'environnement. (See Details)
Tinnitus Association of Canada
Provides information and support to people who suffer from tinnitus (persistant disturbing noises in the head and ears.) Also provides small group meetings according to need. (See Details)
Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research
Works to enhance research capacity within both the researcher and research user communities. Hosts national research and policy conferences. (See Details)