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Programme de lutte au tabagisme

Works to reduce disease and death among Canadians, reduce the number of people who smoke from 25% to 20% of the population, decrease the number of cigarettes sold by 30%, increase retailer compliance with laws on tobacco sales to youth from 69% to 80%, reduce the number of people involuntarily exposed to environmental tobacco smoke in enclosed public spaces, and explore ways to mandate changes to tobacco products to reduce hazards to health. Travaille pour réduire la morbidité et la mortalité attribuables au tabagisme chez les Canadiens, réduire de 25 à 20 % le nombre de fumeurs de la population, réduire de 30 % le nombre de cigarettes vendues, augmenter de 69 à 80 % la proportion de détaillants qui se conforment aux dispositions législatives sur la vente du tabac aux jeunes, réduire le nombre de personnes involontairement exposées à la fumée secondaire du tabac dans les lieux publics fermés; et explorer comment apporter des changements aux produits du tabac afin de réduire les dangers pour la santé.

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Ontario Lung Association

Works to improve the respiratory health of Ontarians by providing a range of community services, such as smoking cessation and asthma education programs, and by supporting medical research. Has 31 offices across the province.

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Canadian Council for Tobacco Control
A program involving educational, social, fiscal, and legislative interventions. Offers programs for physician intervention and smoke-free schools. Website provides access to the resources of their National Clearinghouse on Tobacco and Health. Vise à développer un programme pancanadien de lutte contre le tabagisme comprenant des interventions éducatives, sociales, fiscales et législatives. Le site inclut des liens aux divers programmes offerts par le Conseil, ainsi qu'à celui du Centre national de documentation sur le tabac et la santé. (See Details)
Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada
Forms an organization of Canadian physicians who share one goal: the reduction of tobacco-caused illness through reduced smoking and reduced exposure to second-hand smoke. (See Details)
Centre Smoking Clinic (Centre for Addication and Mental Health)
Provides service for smokers who want to quit or work on their addiction to nicotine. Professionally facilitated.