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Jamaican Canadian Association

Forms a membership and social services agency working to improve the quality of life for African Canadians, promote Black/Jamaican culture, fight racism, and work in partnership with others who share similar values and goals. Offers settlement services for new immigrants, a parenting program, youth and family counselling, a domestic violence and incest/child sexual abuse program, and various volunteer committees.

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Africans in Partnership Against AIDS

Provides education in order to stop the spread of HIV-AIDS; gives support to people who are infected and affected by HIV-AIDS, and establishes linkages with other agencies.

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African Community Health Services

Caters to to African immigrants and African Canadians and is dedicated to the promotional of the mental, socio-economic, physical and cultural health of African Canadians, primarily in Ontario. Offers an inter-African HIV/AIDS project that provices supportive education, counselling, and referral and practical support for urban youth, young adults including gay and lesbian youth, troubled youth, youth with addictions and those involved in prostitution.

Canadian Centre on Minority Affairs
The CCMA's mission is to develop and promote social development and public policy initiatives for the Caribbean Canadian community through research, human resources development, public education, advocacy and international cooperation. (See Details)
The Olive Branch of Hope Breast Cancer Support Services
Provides support services and information to Caribbean and Afro-Canadian cancer patients and their families. (See Details)
Provides ongoing support to grassroots African organizations that are working to help people resist, survive and overcome the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
Provides a web site with intelligent, thought provoking, timely and insightful perspective on issues affecting the Black Canadian community. (See Details)