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Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre

Serves as an online information tool for women and their families who rely on Women's College as the source of authoritative, reliable information on women's health and women's health issues. Conducts women’s health research in partnership with the University of Toronto. Website includes link to Women's Health Electronic Network.

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Peterborough Women's Health Care Centre

Forms a health care centre that works to enable women to increase control over, and improve their health by providing quality health care. Provides information, support, counselling, treatment and referrals to other health professionals and organizations in the community. Ensures confidential services.

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Bay Centre for Birth Control

Provides women of various ages and backgrounds with programs and services designed to meet their special needs, and help them maintain and enhance good health. Resource listing.

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Women's Health in Women's Hands

Works to enhance sense of self-esteem and health by placing women's health into women's hands. It is a participatory centre for women of diverse backgrounds and needs. Constantly challenge our assumptions and analysis and we are committed to being advocates for change in our community.

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