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Niagara Health System
YWCA of Greater Toronto
Sheena's Place

Provides support services to people affected by eating disorders in a non-institutional, accessible way.

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Freedom From Fear Foundation

Forms a non-profit organization which helps those who suffer from panic, anxiety and agoraphobia disorders. Offers support groups across Canada and publishes a monthly newsletter.

Four Villages Community Health Centre

The centre's goal is to foster a healthy community.

Across Boundaries

Forms an ethnoracial community mental health centre which provides a range of services and supports to people from communities of colour who are experiencing severe mental health problems/severe mental illness.

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Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Creates resources and tools to help prevent and treat mental illness and addiction. Operates clinical and research facilities in Toronto, as well as 12 community offices across Ontario. (See Details)
Canadian Mental Health Association
Works to the promotion of the mental health of all people, and to ensuring the provision of best possible services for people with mental health problems. Web site provides links to mental health information, fact sheets, national projects, and more. (See Details)
Keele Street Women's Group
Provides a supportive environment where women can increase their social support network and learn about community resources.
National Network for Mental Health
Forms an organization that advocates, educates, and provides expertise and resources for the increased health and well-being of the Canadian mental health consumer/survivor community. // Forme un organisme qui existe pour intervenir, éduquer et fournir l’expertise et les ressources pour le bien-être et une meilleure santé de la communauté des consommateurs/ survivants de la santé mentale canadienne. (See Details)