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Ontario Self-Help Network

Forms a program of the Self-Help Resource Centre of Greater Toronto. Supports the development of self-help groups, networks, organizations and centres in Ontario. Promotes the use of self-help strategies across Ontario.

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Self-Help Resource Centre of Greater Toronto

Provides information and referrals to self-help support groups in Toronto, across Ontario and Canada. Assists individuals in starting or maintaining groups, maintain a clearinghouse of information on self-help groups and hold conferences, workshops, etc.

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La Leche League Canada

Promotes breastfeeding through education, information, encouragement, and mother-to-mother support. Services include a telephone support network, meetings where mothers can learn about breastfeeding, publications for mothers and health professionals, and sponsorship of conferences and professional seminars.

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The Endometriosis Network Canada

Shares information, concerns, hopes in a safe, supportive and confidential atmosphere. Professionally facilitated.

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Osteoporosis Support Group (North York)

Provides a mutually supportive environment for the exchange of personal concerns and ideas as well as an opportunity to socialize with others. Increase knowledge of osteoporosis prevention, management and treatment techniques. Improves knowledge of existing community resources related to osteoporosis.

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Thalassemia Foundation of Canada
Sexual Assault Support Services for Women

SASS for Women is a non-profit organization offering services, free of charge, to women 16 years of age and older who are victims/survivors of sexual violence. SASS has been of service to our community since 1994. A volunteer driven organization, we operate crisis lines in English and French, 24 hours a day, seven days a week as well as providing accompaniment to the police station, hospital and/or court. We offer one-on-one counselling and offer support groups for women survivors. SASS does public education presentations in schools, businesses, service clubs and church groups as well as doing public education booths in various locations throughout Cornwall. We believe public education is a useful tool for reaching women who have suffered from sexual violence as well as a tool to educate the public toward prevention of violence overall. SASS works toward being a beacon of hope for all women in our community.Here is a list of the free and confidential services SASS offers:

  • Crisis Lines - one in French and one in English, which operate 24/7 days a week;
  • Accompaniment to the police station, hospital, court or anywhere else according to the woman's need;
  • Public Education to community groups, schools, agencies, and workplaces in an effort to increase the awareness and prevent sexual violence;
  • Support in defending the rights of clients by writing letters of support, helping to fill out official paperwork, etc.;
  • Counselling one-on-one to help women understand the effects of sexual violence;
  • Informational/Support Groups for women and younger women on different topics; and
  • Referral in the community.

24 hr Crisis lines

English - 613-932-1603 or 1-800-461-8192

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Candian Foundation for the Study of Infant Death (SIDS)

Enables parents who have lost a child to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome to offer each other support in coping with their grief. Educates the public and raises money to support and promote researh into the causes of SIDS.

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Lesbian Gay Bi Trans YouthLine

Provides peer support and information services within Ontario to youth of all cultures and abilities who may identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, two-spirited and transgendered, transexual, queer or questioning. Resource listing.

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Post Partum Depression Support Group

Promotes recovery from post-partum depression/anxiety.