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College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick

Forms an organization that has responsibility within the province of New Brunswick for the licensing of physicians, monitoring standards of medical practice, and investigating complaints against physicians. // Forme un organisme qui a la responsabilité de délivrer les permis d'exercer la médecine, de contrôler les normes de l'exercice de la médecine, et d'examiner les plaintes contre les médecins.

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New Brunswick Aboriginal Women's Council Inc
New Brunswick Pharmaceutical Society
New Brunswick Health Care Association

The New Brunswick Healthcare Association is a not-for-profit organization incorporated by special act of the New Brunswick Legislature in 1961. Its current mission is to facilitate the exchange and sharing of information concerning health care issues in order to support the highest level of coordination and cooperation in delivering health care services to the citizens of New Brunswick.

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YMCA-YWCA of Saint John

The purpose of YMCA-YWCA is to involve individuals and families of all backgrounds and abilities in the YMCA-YWCA so that they can grow healthier in spirit, mind and body, and develop a sense of responsibility to each other and the global community. This is accomplished by providing individuals with opportunities to participate, volunteer and donate in a YMCA-YWCA values based environment. The themes of belonging, serving, leading and renewing are fundamental to the nature and core of a YMCA-YWCA.

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South-East Regional Health Authority

More than 3,000 staff and physicians choose South-East Regional Health Authority as their place of employment, an organization Maclean`s magazine named as one of Canada`s top 100 employers for two consecutive years (2004, 2005).

South-East Regional Health Authority`s objective in a growing and steadily developing region is to be a key player in the promotion of healthy communities and the provision of quality health care.

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Serena New Brunswick
Serena is a Canadian organization which is composed of trained members that use and teach the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) of Natural Family Planning (NFP). (See Details)
New Brunswick College of Family Physicians
Mount Allison University
New Brunswick Pharmacists' Association Inc.

The New Brunswick Pharmacists' Association is committed to the advancement of the profession of pharmacy and the implementation of programs to help its members provide quality and economically viable pharmacy services to those they serve.


Aims and Objectives of the New Brunswick Pharmacists' Association Inc.


1. To enhance the profession of pharmacy in New Brunswick by providing the leadership necessary to continually improve the economic well-being, the quality of life, and the professional image of the pharmacist.


2. To promote the professional practice of pharmacy in New Brunswick.


3. To develop and maintain constructive dialogue with other groups, agencies and governments for discussion and resolution of any matters arising from the professional and economic activities of the members or which otherwise may affect the well-being of the members.


4. To collect develop and disseminate information which responds to the needs of members.


5. To develop and administer such benefits as may better serve the interests and well-being of the members.

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