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Status of Women Manitoba

Works to influence government decision-making to ensure that the unique needs and concerns of women are integrated into public policy, legislation, and programs. Conducts research, policy and gender-analysis and raises awareness of emerging issues. Works with other government departments and the community to promote measures that will help women achieve equality. Generates government initiatives that reflect specific concerns and priorities of Manitoba women that require the Directorate’s intervention. // Oeuvre pour influer sur le processus décisionnel du gouvernement afin de veiller à ce que les difficultés et les besoins particuliers des femmes soient intégrés à la politique gouvernementale ainsi que dans la législation et les programmes.

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Manitoba Status of Women

Promotes gender equality and the equal participation of all women in society.  Works towards improving the economic, legal, social and health status of women.  Contributes to ending exploitation and violence against women.

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Manitoba Women's Advisory Council
Advises the Manitoba government on issues concerning the status of women. Promotes the equal participation of women in society. Work focuses on issues that have legal, social or economic impact on women's lives. Prepares briefs, submissions and reports that contain recommendations for change, relayed to government through the Minister responsible for the Status of Women. (See Details)
Status of Women Canada, Women's Program Regional Offices, Manitoba
A women's program regional office. Promotes gender equity and the full participation of women in Canada's economic, social, cultural, and political life.