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Status of Women Canada, Women's Program Regional Offices, Manitoba
A women's program regional office. Promotes gender equity and the full participation of women in Canada's economic, social, cultural, and political life.
UN Platform for Action Committee Manitoba
The UN Platform for Action Committee Manitoba (UNPAC) was established in 1995 to advocate for the implementation of the Platform for Action and other United Nations agreements which advance women’s equality. UNPAC’s predecessor was the UN Decades for Women, which was formed when Manitoba women participated in the Third World Conference on Women in 1985. Ten years later, 30 Manitoba women went to Beijing for the Fourth World Conference on Women, participating in both the UN conference and the parallel NGO (non-governmental organization) Conference. They returned to Manitoba with a commitment to see the recommendations in the Platform for Action implemented. UNPAC supports the objectives of the Platform for Action by working through community action and with other organizations, locally and globally, for equality, development, and peace. (See Details)