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PharmedOut is an independent project run by physicians for physicians and other prescribers. Their goal is to disseminate information about how pharmaceutical companies influence what we prescribe, to increase access to unbiased information about drugs, and to encourage physicians to choose pharma-free CME.

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National Women's Health Network
Works to improve the health of all American women by developing and promoting a critical analysis of health issues in order to affect policy and support consumer decision-making. Aspires to a health care system that is guided by social justice and reflects the needs of diverse women. Shapes policy and consumer health decisions and options by developing and promoting a critical analysis of health issues. Monitors the actions of federal regulatory and funding agencies, industry and the health professions, identifies abuses and makes change by exposing the abuse and catalyzing grassroots action. (See Details)
Institute of Medicine
Examines policy matters pertaining to the health of the public. Advises U.S. federal government and, upon own initiative, identifies issues of medical care, research and education. (See Details)
International Center for Research on Women
Forms an organization that works to improve the lives of women in poverty,advance women's equality and human rights, and contribute to the broader economic and social well-being. (See Details)
Center for Immigration Studies
Reproductive Health Technologies Project
Forms an organization that works to advance the ability of every woman to achieve full reproductive freedom with access to the safest, most effective, and preferred methods for controlling her fertility and protecting her health. Focuses on the demand for regimens of emergency contraception to be medically accepted and accessible to women who need or want them; the potential to expand options for early abortion through education and advocacy about medical abortion (i.e. non-surgical or non-invasive abortion) and early surgical abortion; the desperate need for woman-controlled methods of HIV/AIDS and STI prevention, products known as microbicides; a commitment to educating health care providers and consumers about intrauterine device technology; and leading the reproductive health community in the search for emerging issues and new technologies. (See Details)
Population Reference Bureau
Forms an organization that informs people about the population dimensions of important social, economic, and political issues. Publishes, disseminates and promotes print and electronic material. Collaborates with organizations to develop and implement strategies for communicating with policymakers. (See Details)
Chronicle of Higher Education
National Minority AIDS Council
Forms an organization dedicated to developing leadership within communities of colour to address the challenges of HIV/AIDS. Works to promote sound national HIV/AIDS, health and social policies that are responsive to the needs of the diverse communities of colour impacted by HIV/AIDS and to increase the participation of people of colour in policy-making bodies. (See Details)
American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists