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The California Body Burden Campaign
Forms a network of public health, environmental health and justice, faith and labor organizations working to establish a California biomonitoring program. (See Details)
James Irvine Foundation
Established in 1937, to expand opportunity for the people of California to participate in a vibrant, successful and inclusive society. (See Details)
Update Software Inc
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Department of Health and Community Services
Created Global health disparities CD-ROM in partnership with the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) International and Cross-Cultural Health Special Interest Group (ICCH-SIG). (See Details)
UCLA Center for Health Policy Research
Works to understand and advance public health policies that can improve access to health care as well as promote good health among diverse populations in California and the United States. (See Details)
Press On Regardless
Black Women for Wellness
Focuses on being commited to healing, educating, and supporting Black Women. (See Details)
Breast Cancer Action
Advocates for true prevention through understanding and eliminating the causes of breast cancer; a true cure with treatments that don't nearly kill people or cause other diseases; universal access to quality health care. (See Details)
Industry Collaboration Effort (ICE)
Mobilizes health care industry stakeholders in the U.S. to streamline, simplify, and standardize all regulatory policies and procedures that govern the provision of health care services. (See Details)