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National Asian Women's Health Organization
Raises awareness about the health needs of Asian Americans through research and education. Supports Asian Americans as decision-makers through leadership development and advocacy. Strengthens systems serving Asian Americans through partnerships and capacity building. (See Details)
Sage Publications
International Cesarean Awareness Network, Inc.
Forms an organization that works to improve maternal-child health by preventing unnecessary cesareans through education, providing support for cesarean recovery, and promoting Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). Has chapters in most Canadian provinces. (See Details)
New Harbinger Publications
Asian Pacific American Network
Forms a broad-based coalition of community-based organizations that acts as a catalyst to develop and promote the application of computer information technologies relevant to the needs and perspectives of Asian and Pacific Islanders Americans. Seeks to enhance the service-delivery capacity of community-based non-profit organizations using technology. Provides opportunities for education and training, and by offering technology assistance, affordable computer and Internet services, and community resources to help implement various technology solutions. (See Details)
Exists to make the health care environment a place of empathy, justice, and equity. Represents the concerns of millions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex patients and thousands of LGBTI health professionals throughout North America. (See Details)
Moodswings Press
Hunter House Publishers
Centro de Justicia Para Mujeres
Provides free advocacy for victims of rape, domestic violence and child abuse, particularly in the Latina and other underserved communities of Sonoma County. Advocates for greater numbers of women and minorities in law enforcement. Committed to equal justice for all women and girls.
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
Forms an independent philanthropy focusing on the major health care issues facing the United States. Web site provides daily reproductive health, health policy and HIV/AIDS reports. (See Details)