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Futures without Violence

Works to prevent violence within the home, and in the community, to help those whose lives are devastated by violence because everyone has the right to live free of violence.

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Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health
Forms a centre comprised of researchers who study molecular responses to environmental exposures and seek to explain why certain individuals are more vulernable to these exposures than others. (See Details)
Rest Ministries, Inc.

An non-profit Christian organisation for people who live with chronic illness and/or pain. Rest Ministries, Inc.'s homepage connects Christians living with chronic conditions for inspiration, encouragement and sharing of experiences.

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The Hesperian Foundation is a non-profit publisher of books and newsletters for community-based health care. Simply written and heavily illustrated, Hesperian books are designed so that people with little formal education can understand, apply and share health information. Developed collaboratively with health workers and community members from around the world, our books and newsletters address the underlying social, political, and economic causes of poor health and suggest ways groups can organize to improve health conditions in their communities. (See Details)

Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center

Offers information about the treatment and prevention of all forms of eating disorders. Also provides referrals to eating disorder practitioners, treatment facilities and support groups in the United States.

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The Hesperian Foundation

Forms a non-profit publisher of books and newsletters for community-based health care.

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Postpartum Education for Parents

Offers support after the birth. Believes that there is no one right way to parent and that parental confidence increases by learning basic parenting skills and sharing concerns with others.

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National Asian Women's Health Organization
Raises awareness about the health needs of Asian Americans through research and education. Supports Asian Americans as decision-makers through leadership development and advocacy. Strengthens systems serving Asian Americans through partnerships and capacity building. (See Details)
Sage Publications
International Cesarean Awareness Network, Inc.
Forms an organization that works to improve maternal-child health by preventing unnecessary cesareans through education, providing support for cesarean recovery, and promoting Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). Has chapters in most Canadian provinces. (See Details)