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Boundary Women’s Coalition Shelter
Services Offered

-24 Hr. crisis access to shelter for women and their children via staff and volunteer -Outreach (in home) after leaving shelter -Teen women special cases -Accompaniment to difficult appointments -Child care worker provides support to children (one-to-one support / counselling, family groups, etc.)

Salmon Arm Wormens Emergency Shelter
North Peace Health Council

North Peace Health Council provides health care services. The company also provides home healthcare services. The company is based in Fort St. John, Canada.

British Columbia Paraplegic Association

The BC Paraplegic Association (BCPA) helps people with spinal cord injuries adjust, adapt and thrive by providing answers, information and community experiences. BCPA has two core services through which it serves the SCI community: Peer Support and Information Services.

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Hospital Employee's Union (HEU)

The Hospital Employees' Union is the largest health care union in British Columbia – representing more than 43,000 members working for public, non-profit and private employers.


And as the B.C. health care services division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), HEU is part of the biggest union in Canada.


HEU members work in all areas of the health care system – acute care hospitals, residential care facilities, community group homes, outpatient clinics and medical labs, community social services, and First Nations health agencies – providing both direct and non-direct nursing services.


Since 1944, HEU has advocated for better working and caring conditions, defended public health care delivery, and spoken out against privatization.


HEU has a long history as a strong, democratic, socially-conscious union and a passionate defender of Canada's medicare program.


Working in solidarity with labour and community allies, HEU is committed to social justice and advancing labour and human rights on a global level.

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Women in Print

They were a feminist (new) bookstore opened in August 1993 closed October 2005.

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BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre

Provides a facility devoted exclusively to the health of women, newborns and families. Provides a broad range of specialized health services that address the health needs of women of all ages and backgrounds, including services in breast health, substance dependency, osteoporosis, HIV/AIDS and reproductive health.

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Health Association of British Columbia
British Columbia Association Of Clinical Counsellors

The BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) was incorporated in 1988 with the principal goal of regulating the professional practice of Clinical Counsellors (see below) in the province of British Columbia. The abbreviation “BC” is and should be retained in all official and legal references to our title. Today, the BCACC represents over 2,000 Registered Clinical Counsellors throughout BC.

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Northern Interior Regional Health Board

A ten-member Board of Directors appointed by the Government of British Columbia governs Northern Health. The current chair of the NH Board is Dr. Charles Jago, who was appointed to the position in 2007.


While board members come from communities across the region, by-laws establish that their role is to make decisions to meet health needs for the entire region rather than representing a particular community or area. Some of the Board’s functions include (but are not limited to):

  • Governance and oversight responsibilities;
  • Setting overall strategic direction for the organization;
  • Approval of budget submissions and business plans submitted by staff;
  • Receiving progress reports on organizational activities and business plans;
  • Reviewing and approving capital plans;
  • Granting privileges for physicians to practice in Northern Health facilities, on the advice and recommendation of the Northern Health Medical Advisory Committee; and
  • Reviewing and approving overarching strategies to address aspects of the performance agreement Northern Health holds with the Province of British Columbia.

The Northern Health Board meets approximately every two months in regular session, with an open board meeting and public presentation session at all regular meetings. The board ensures that one meeting per year is held in a Northeast community with another in a Northwest community. The remaining meetings are held in the Northern Interior, usually in Prince George.

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