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Options (Surrey Community Services Society)

We are a non-profit Society and registered Charity dedicated to making a difference.


We are committed to empowering individuals, supporting families and promoting community health.


Everyday, we aim to achieve these goals through a wide variety of programs and projects.


These consist of:


  • Child Care Services
  • Counselling Services
  • Crisis Line
  • Employment Services
  • Family and Child Services
  • Health Services
  • Housing Services
  • Immigrant Services
  • Information & Referral
  • Mental Health Services
  • Shelter Services
  • Stopping the Violence
  • Volunteer Services
  • Youth Services
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Canadian Federation of University Women Victoria

The Club, now known as CFUW Victoria, was founded in 1908 as the University Women’s Club of Victoria. In 1919 this Club was one of five founding members of the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW). That same year CFUW became a founding member of the International Federation of University Women (IFUW). The Canadian Federation of University Women Victoria(CFUWV), is a voluntary, non partisan, non-profit, self-funded club of more than 250 members who meet together for learning, enjoyment, friendship and fun. We are active in supporting higher education for women and in advocating for women’s rights.

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University of British Columbia Womyn’s Centre

A space run by the Alma Mater Society of UBC where trans men and women, intersex and women-identified people can feel safe, empower each other, and organize against oppression and violence. Offers a wide variety of free resources such as a phone, pregnancy tests, pads, tampons, condoms, dental dams, and a space to hang out, study, eat, or nap. They sell Diva Cups on a sliding scale, and staff have weekly office hours.

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Vancouver Women's Health Collective

Values women's knowledge, supports one another to take charge of our own health, and raises awareness and inspire action for the feminist advancement of women's health. Website provides links to other sites women will find informative and relevant to their lives.

Has nurse practitioner rooms (3) and an alternate health room (counselling, reiki, etc).

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PharmaWatch Canada

Works to highlight and validate consumer experiences and heighten consumer involvement in adverse drug reaction reporting. Aims to facilitate networking among individual patients/consumers and advocacy groups who share our concerns about the lack of adequate post-market monitoring by the pharmaceutical industry and Health Canada. Also aims to raise public awareness about the role of consumers/patients in reporting their own adverse drug reactions - or those experienced by their children, a spouse, a brother or sister, or a parent. Teaches people how to report an ADR, how to encourage others to report, and what role ADR reporting has played or can play to help ensure the medicine we take is right for us.

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Association of Physiotherapists and Massage Practitioners
Capilano Student Union

The CSU provides a large number of FREE and LOW-COST services to its members. Provides these services with the dual goals of enriching your experience and facilitating your success at Capilano University.

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Greater Vancouver Vietnamese Women's Society

A non-profit volunteer based society which provides parenting, youth, heritage language, and citizenship preparation programs. Operates a weekly radio program which orients listeners to Canadian life, maintains cultural heritage, and provides family life education.

Vancouver Island Health Authority

The Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) provides health care to people on Vancouver Island,  the islands of the Georgia Strait, and the mainland communities between Powell River and Rivers Inlet.

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Sea to Sky Community Services

Strives to enhance the quality of life in our communities by providing support services to individuals and families in the Sea to Sky corridor. SSCS believes all individuals have the right to meaningful work, affordable housing and support in times of crisis and to meet every day challenges. Our vision is for all individuals in the Sea to Sky Corridor to have opportunities to grow, develop, and lead meaningful lives. SSCS offers 34 programs at 20 sites and through outreach in the Corridor, from Brittania Beach to Pemberton and outlying areas.

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