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Aboriginal Headstart Program

Kermode Friendship Society Aboriginal Head Start

The Aboriginal Head Start Program at the Kermode Friendship Society in Terrace BC is a brand new program that the whole community is very excited about. We are in our second year and serve 40 children of Aboriginal descent in two preschool classes Monday to Thursday, with a staff of 7 employees.


We have a good working relationship with other community programs such as the CAPC parenting program, Early Childhood Development program and the Child Development Center, our licensing office including the nutritionist and environmental health office, and the School District.


The Head Start Program is committed to assisting Aboriginal children to develop with the best possible support. Everyone in the program - our staff, Parent Advisory Council, families, and our community - all play a significant role in the life of every child that enters our program.


Children need to discover, enjoy, play, explore and have an opportunity to learn new things. Aboriginal Head Start is something to celebrate!


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SWAP offers programs for Canadians who want to go abroad to work and travel.


For foreign participants who are arriving or currently in Canada for their SWAP Working Holidays experience.

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Northshore Multicultural Society

North Shore Multicultural Society (NSMS) is dedicated to building a harmonious and inclusive North Shore community that assists immigrants and refugees to integrate successfully into life in Canada.

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PeerNetBC has been helping people connect since 1986, providing resources for peer groups and peer-led initiatives. Our resources and services are available for community members and groups across British Columbia, including online, rural, multicultural and youth engagement initiatives. PeerNetBC is a non-profit, registered charitable organization.




PeerNetBC provides training, resources and support to peer-led initiatives across British Columbia, fostering opportunities for people to learn and make connections.

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