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Beaver Valley Library

The Library was originally formed by Teen Town in the fall of 1960, with books donated by the residents of the valley. It was located in a small room upstairs in the Fruitvale Memorial Hall with a collection of 800 books. A few years later Branch 196 of the Fruitvale Canadian Legion took over the sponsorship of the community library. In April 1965, it became a Public Library which made it eligible for government grants.


In July of 1966, the Library was moved from its cramped quarters to the building beside the Feed & Seed Store on Main Street (now Country Roads General Store). This former home is now the Main Street Deli. The membership grew along with the collection to 8000 books by 1975, and once more larger premises were needed. November of 1981 saw the Library moved to its present location.

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Law Foundation of British Columbia

The Law Foundation of British Columbia is a non-profit foundation created by legislation in 1969 to receive and distribute the interest on clients' funds held in lawyers' pooled trust accounts maintained in financial institutions.


The Legal Profession Act directs the Law Foundation to distribute these funds in five areas:


  • legal education;
  • legal research;
  • legal aid;
  • law reform; and
  • law libraries.


The Foundation recognizes that while its objectives are legal in nature, the income is to be allocated to programs that will benefit the general public of British Columbia.


A grant application:

  • must be submitted by a non-profit organization
  • must fall within one or more of the five mandated areas
  • must establish a clear benefit to the people of British Columbia
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