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Vernon Eating Disorder Program
The program takes a team approach that includes a dietician, nutritionist, psychiatric nurse and psychiatrist. The team works to treat each person individually and respectfully. Individual, group and some family therapy is offered to youth 13-19yrs and adults 19 and older. A full lending library is also available and includes access to information about eating disorders, affirmations, body image, self-help, self-esteem, general health and professional resources. There is an initial refundable consumer users fee to cover lost and stolen books.
Williams Lake Eating Disorder Outpatient Program
The program aims to provide outpatient treatment, education, and support in the Williams Lake community to help individuals recovering from eating disorders and disordered eating. The program also aims to network with other groups to help prevent eating disorder from developing in the community. The program provides nutrition counselling for individuals struggling with disordered eating. Psychological and medical counselling is also provided in a team oriented approach. The program provides outpatient individual treatment for adults through Adult Mental Health. Youth (<19yrs) services are provided by the Ministry for Children and Families Mental Health. We see those struggling with anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive overeating and those at high risk of developing the above. We also facilitate support groups, community presentations, workshops and are a resource for friends and family members of those struggling with eating disorders/ disordered eating. The program also does prevention work in the community, in schools and through networking with other community groups. A small lending library is accessible through the clinician's office.
CEDRIC Centre for Counselling
Provides individual and group counselling on eating disorders, depression, anxiety, sexual assault, emotional abuse, body image issues, interpersonal skills, and self-esteem. (See Details)
Women's Student Office - UBC