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Alberta Human Rights & Citizenship Commission
Lakeland Centre for FAS
The Lakeland FASD Society is a relatively new organization that has developed out of the Lakeland FAS Regional Committee who began in 1994 with the hosting of a FAS conference. From this, the group continued to learn about FAS, developed tons of prevention campaigns, developed resources, training presentations, and hosted a dozen conferences. The Committee soon discovered that they could not move much beyond this level of operation unless individuals could get an alcohol related diagnosis. (See Details)
Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities
Calgary Sun
Alberta Cervical Cancer Screening Program
Works to improve prevention and early detection of cervical cancer. It is intended to enhance and strengthen the cervical screening services already available to Alberta women ages 18-69 years. Works with doctors and labs to send Pap test results directly to women and reminds women when their next Pap test is overdue. Also provides a follow-up reminder system to physicians. (See Details)
Centre for Recovering Anorexic: Bulimic Disordered Lives Entrust

Provides support to victims, families, and loved ones struggling with everything from body and weight preoccupation, yoyo dieting, anorexia and bulimia.

Calgary Herald
The Calgary Herald Mining and Ranche Advocate and General Advertiser began publishing as a weekly newspaper on August 31, 1883, when Calgary's population was just 400 people. Since then, the Calgary Herald has chronicled the evolution of our vibrant, enterprising city and the world we live in.  (See Details)
Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada

Forms an organization that provides support and information to individuals who have experienced acoustic neuromas or other tumors affecting the cranial nerves. Furnishes information on patient rehabilitation to physicians and health care personnel interested in the treatment of benign tumors and the alleviation of post-surgical problems. Educates the public regarding symptoms suggestive of acoustic neuromas, thus promoting early diagnosis and consequent successful treatment. Website provides information on the disease, as well as treatment options and other related information.

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ANAD of Regina