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Planned Parenthood Alberta

Provides a resource centre, conducts research, publishes a newsletter, and offers public workshops. Web site includes a description of the resource library's holdings.

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CBCA: Sexual and Reproductive Wellness Centre

Offers counselling and education services that help people consider their sexual and reproductive choices in informed and responsible ways. Discusses pregnancy, birth control, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV/AIDS, sexuality, and sexual orientation (including gay, lesbian and bisexual issues).

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Planned Parenthood Edmonton
Provides education and counselling services on sexual and reproductive health to the greater Edmonton area. (See Details)
United States Agency for International Development: Maximizing Access and Quality Initiative (MAQ)
Initiative to identify and address barriers to client access and to work to improve family planning service delivery standards and quality. Assistance is provided to such areas as provider training, service management and supervision, client education, and increasing the choice of available contraceptive methods. MAQ also works to distill and disseminate lessons learned and to identify future critical issues that could impact quality care.