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Health and Social Campaigners' News Patient View

Founded in 2000, PatientView is an independent, global, research-and-publishing organisation that works closely with patients and health and social campaigning groups worldwide. PatientView surveys the opinions of patients and health advocacy groups on healthcare delivery and disease-based issues worldwide, analyses trends, and places many of the resulting reports into the public domain (thereby benefiting patients, citizens, and health advocacy groups, as well as other healthcare stakeholders).


PatientView's expertise in the area of health campaigning is aided by two of its major resources. First, Health and Social Campaigners' Network International, a very large global virtual network of health campaigning groups; and second, PatientView Quarterly, a four-issues-per-year briefing document about the activities of health campaigners worldwide - free to health campaigners and available to other healthcare stakeholders on subscription.

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