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Inter-Cultural Neighbourhood Social Services
Snow Country Health Council  
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Mandate Goals: The Snow Country Health Council provides Acute Care, Home Support, Mental Health Counselling, Alcohol and Drug Counselling, Parenting Programs, and Contracted Doctors under one administration in the Stewart Health Centre.
Core Services Provided: The Core Services it is involved in providing are; Health Promotion, Prevention and Public Health services, Treatment (acute and chronic care), Home Based Care, Mental Health Services, Substance Misuse Services, Finance, Management and Administrative Support.
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Exotic Dancers' Alliance

Exotic Dancers' Alliance-Archives
The Exotic Dancers Alliance was a co-founding organization of BAYSWAN. Although the EDA organization and website no longer provides services and info, below are some links about dancers' rights and issues:

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Post Partum Depression Support Group

Promotes recovery from post-partum depression/anxiety.

Meniere's Self Help

Brings together people suffering from Meniere's syndrome and provides moral support and ideas to cope with the stress associated with dizziness, hearing loss and tinnitus.

Venus Magazine

Publishes a newsletter with a health focus, aimed directly at the needs of young women growing up in Toronto.