Making Evidence Matter in Canadian Health Policy

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This new e-book is a compendium of Op-Eds published in the media in 2012-2013 by some of Canada’s leading experts in the field, offering a snapshot of the evidence on the issues of the day. It is the second in a series of ebooks produced by, the first being Canadian Health Policy in the News: Why Evidence Matters, which achieved 13,000 reads in the first year of release. 

This second volume addresses a range of controversial topics, such as whether or not our health system is sustainable and how our healthcare dollars are spent. Other sections address pharmaceutical policy, private-for-profit delivery of care, social determinants of health, aging, mental health and obesity. 

This ebook is available free of charge in a number of different formats, so you are encouraged to share it widely, reprint in your news outlets, use it as a textbook, and share via social media.

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With thanks to the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and the Manitoba Health Research Council whose funding supports Making Evidence Matter in Canadian Health Policy, edited by Noralou Roos, Kathleen O’Grady, Shannon Turczak, Camilla Tapp and Lindsay Jolivet (ISBN 978-0-9916971-2-0).