Female genital cosmetic surgery: Through a critical lens

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Interesting comments about female sexual cosmetic surgery, quoting doctors who do this surgery, appeared recently in the National Post article, Wave of popularity for cosmetic surgery on female genitalia worries some critics.

The article discusses the recent policy statement by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC) on these increasingly popular operations. The SOGC has said that there is little evidence that the operations improve sexual functioning or self-esteem.

CWHN has done a podcast on this practice, talking with Lenore Tiefer, an expert in the medicalization of sex, and Lyba Spring, our “Spring Talks Sex” blogger, who  worked as a sexual health educator for Toronto Public Health for nearly 30 years. Listen to it here: Designer Genitalia - Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery

On a related issue, read Lyba’s Spring's blog on our website: Spring Talk Sex – Body Hair.