Call for Participants: Staying in the Workforce with Fibromyalgia

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Would you like to share your experiences, so that others can learn from them? People like government policymakers, health professionals, and other women with fibromyalgia (FM). Then you are invited to join in the study Staying in the Workforce with Fibromyalgia. The study is being conducted by Margaret Oldfield, a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto. She is talking with women who have been medically diagnosed with FM about their experiences in the workforce.

She would also like to talk with people who can make a difference in whether women with FM stay at work. These people are an adult member of each woman’s family or a friend and, if the woman has told those at work that she has FM, someone in her workplace. These people will only be interviewed with your permission.

If you would like to join the study, or simply want more information about it, please email Margaret at or phone her at 416-975-5199.