Separating hype from hope: Breast cancer media literacy

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A free webinar hosted by Breast Cancer Action

Do headlines like these ever stop you in your tracks?

“Cancer Breakthrough!” “New treatment Discovered!” “New Breast Cancer discovery!” “Cure!”

As media consumers, how can we separate the media hype from the real progress? How can we understand the relevance and importance of a news story, as well as determine whether a particular article is only telling half the story or lacks adequate evidence?

News reporting on health issues influences how we think about these critical issues and how we regard our own well-being and treatment options. Thinking critically while being bombarded with competing messages and staggering amounts of research data requires us to transform from being passive media consumers into critical thinkers.

BCA’s goal in their next webinar is to develop your healthy skepticism about media coverage of health care news with a focus on breast cancer coverage. They’ll look at various claims made in the name of health care interventions and give you the tools to evaluate messages in the media.

You can join them on Wednesday, May 29th or Thursday, May 30th to have an informative conversation about coverage of breast cancer news in the media and tools to become more media literate.

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