Body-Image and Self-Esteem Conference very soon! May 9-10

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Toronto, Ontario

Register NOW! 

Full 2 day conference rate: $325

Student and one-day rates available on the National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) conference website. 

Keynote speakers:

Dr Susie Orbach - Navigating our Culture's Body Anxiety and Finding Ways to Fight Back

Dr Joanne Dolhanty & - Mothers and Daughters: Attachment Emotions,

Dr Adele Lafrance Robinson and Food & Weight Preoccupation

Anita Sarkeesian - I'll Make a Man Out of You: Redefining Strong Female Characters

Jenni Schaefer - Almost Anorexic: Does Everyone Have an Eating Disorder?

Topics include:

-       Males and body-image issues

-       Appearance-based bullying

-       Support groups on campus

-       Eating disorders and obesity

-       Social inequities and weight and shape issues

-       Body Image Challenges amongst athletes

-       Families and disordered eating

See the whole program on NEDIC's website.

Presenting Sponsor: the Dove Self Esteem Project

In Partnership with: The University of Toronto Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education

Sponsors: Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, the Dairy Farmers of Canada, Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan

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