New! Girls, Women and Alcohol: Making Informed Choices

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This new guide from Manitoba was written by women for women to give you useful information about alcohol and help you make healthy and well-informed choices about your alcohol use. It is not designed to make women stop drinking alcohol.

Drinking alcohol is a common social activity for many women. A 2010 Health Canada survey shows 74 per cent of women reported drinking alcohol in the past year. However, sometimes women don’t think about the possible risks associated with alcohol. Many women don’t know that alcohol affects women differently than men.

This guide looks at how alcohol affects women and the risks associated with drinking. All information is based on research to help women make informed choices about alcohol use. Research sources are listed under References at the back of this guide.

See Girls, Women and Alcohol: Making Informed Choices.

Note: This guide was adapted with permission from The British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health: Women and Alcohol: A Women’s Health Resource.