Seeking stories of LGBTQ experience with breast and gynecological cancers

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Your Story Matters!

CANCER'S MARGINS is Arts- and Community-based research that explores sexual and gender diversity, experiences of breast and gynecologic cancer health, support/care, and the ways we locate and share knowledge.

In British Columbia, contact Dr. Mary K. Bryson
In Manitoba, email
In Nova Scotia, email or call 1-855-494-7809
In Ontario, contact Chris Rahim at
In Quebec, contact Geneviève Rail at

Recognition: In acknowledgment of participation in this project, interviewees will be provided a $25 gift certificate.

- How do we experience cancer health, support and knowledge-seeking across the spectrum of gender and sexuality?
- How do we care for ourselves and each other in networks of support, communication and health?
- How do we access and share knowledge about cancer health, support and care?

During a 90 minute interview, Cancer's Margins would like to hear about your experiences of breast or gynecologic cancer health and care generally, and specifically, how you have located, shared, and/or contributed to knowledge about cancer health and care. Interviews for the Cancer's Margins project are being carried out in metropolitan areas of Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax.  Additional locations will be announced soon for interviews in rural and northern areas of British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. Please send them an email if you'd like to participate and they'll get back to you. Share your story of cancer knowledge, health and care.

If you:
- Identify as a LGBQ woman and/or as Trans
- Have been diagnosed with, and treated for, breast or gynecologic cancer
- Are 19 years-of-age or more (or in Manitoba, 18 years or older)

Cancer's Margins is also interviewing folks from your personal cancer health and treatment support network. They intend the project's findings to contribute to the knowledge and resources available to LGBQT people and members of their varied communities and networks, as well as to LGBQ Women's & Trans Health Advocates, and Cancer Health Advocates to build capacity for culturally relevant and appropriate cancer health and care.

Cancer's Margins is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).