Diane-35 - Drug sales suspended in France for safety reasons

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On January 30, 2013 the National Agency for the Safety of Drugs and Health Products (ANSM) in France stopped sales of the drug Diane-35 due to safety concerns, including the deaths of four women from blood clots. Diane-35 manufactured by Bayer is a hormonal treatment prescribed to treat acne and commonly prescribed "off label" as an oral contraceptive.

Health Canada announced the same day that it will review the safety of Diane-35 in Canada in light of the decision in France. 

Read about the French decision in the Telegraph and about Health Canada's announcement on the CBC website.

And read about the work of Women and Health Protection in Canada back in 2004 related to the safety concerns about Diane-35.

On February 19 the Canadian Medical Association Journal quoted CWHN's Executive Director Anne Rochon Ford on Diane-35.

Read Scrutiny of Diane-35 due to potential dangers of off-label prescribing (Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), February 19, 2013)