Study on Botox and other injectable facial fillers seeking participants

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A researcher at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax is conducting a study on Botox and other injectable facial fillers (e.g., Juvéderm, Restylane).

If you are a woman aged 35 – 65 who has had injections to reduce the signs of aging to your face but have mixed or negative feelings about your experience (for example, maybe you didn’t like how you felt emotionally or physically afterwards, you didn’t like how it looked, or other reasons), you may be interested in participating in this study on women’s experiences with injectable facial procedures.

Participants will be interviewed privately and confidentially (in person, on-line Skype, or by telephone).

To find out more about the study or to participate, please contact: (Dept of Family Studies and Gerontology) OR call 889-4130 and leave a confidential message.

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