Breastfeeding: Understanding the motivations and supports for women in Saskatoon and Winnipeg

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A new report from the Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence by Y. Hanson & R. Stout

Executive Summary:

Over the course of 2011-2012, eighteen mothers and five service providers from Winnipeg and Saskatoon were asked a series of questions to understand the motivations, challenges and supports for breastfeeding. 

Framed within a healthy living perspective, which considers ways to improve long-term health and reduce non-communicable diseases through eating well and staying active, the following questions were the driving force behind these discussions:

- What are mothers’ understanding of the overall and long-term benefits of breastfeeding including preventing obesity, diabetes, and respiratory illnesses? How does this understanding affect their decisions to initiate and continue breastfeeding exclusively?

- What knowledge and information about breastfeeding do mothers receive from their cultural communities and from family?

- What are the role of programs and policies in women’s decision to breastfeed? How can messages and strategies be improved to encourage exclusive breastfeeding?

Read the report on the PWHCE website.