Liberation! Helping women quit smoking: a brief tobacco-intervention guide

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British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women's Health (BCCEWH)
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Cristine Urquhart
Frances Jasiura
Nancy Poole
Tasnim Nathoo
Lorraine Greaves
British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women's Health
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Vancouver, BC

A Practice Guide that supports providers in diverse contexts to start a converstaion with women about their smoking and the possibility of quitting. Draws largely from Motivational Interviewing – an evidence-based communication style to support change – to translate women-centred principles into practice.

A companion piece to this guide is under development: a compendium of facts and issues related to women and smoking for local, national and global audiences. Please also see BCCEWH work on women and tobacco at and

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Available to download for free from their website
Contains bibliographic references.