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Our website is one of Canada’s top bilingual sites for women’s health information. It is updated regularly to give you easy access to valuable information and resources on women’s health, including breaking news, feature articles, webinars and podcasts, an online database and links to other useful sites.

Publications and Resources

Webinars & Podcasts
CWHN produces several webinars a year on women’s health issues that combine audio, visuals and live chat. These dynamic online broadcasts draw viewers from throughout Canada and around the world. Thousands of people access our webinar recordings, related links and resources posted on our website after each webinar. Sign up for “Event Notices” in our “Subscribe” box below to receive information about upcoming webinars.

Network / Le Réseau
Our bilingual magazine is the Canadian front-runner for the latest on health issues that affect women, as well as topical debates, national and international health news and reliable resources. Past and current issues are available on our website.

Brigit's Notes
Our free monthly bilingual email bulletin keeps you up-to-date on hot news, events and resources related to women’s health.

Women’s Health "E-Library"
Our comprehensive bilingual collection of women’s health publications and resources from across Canada and the world is catalogued on our website. This gives you – free of charge – access to some 15,000 documents, reviews, projects and organizations covering a wide range of information on women's health and women’s lives.

Media Relations
Our comprehensive bilingual communications, media and public relations program makes the CWHN an important resource for journalists seeking information on women’s health issues in Canada.

CWHN’s women’s health collection at the University of Ottawa
As of 2012, the Morisset Library at the University of Ottawa is housing our extensive collection of books and other women's health resources. The Morisset Library houses the Women's Studies collection for the University of Ottawa, making this a fitting home for our resources. 

Community Outreach and Networking
Our network is a trusted source of women’s health information for individuals, organizations, the media, policy makers and key health planning groups across Canada. We participate in regional and national conferences, consultations, events and workshops and distribute credible women’s health information materials. We also help people come together for action on women’s health by supporting and building networks, coalitions, and joint projects.

Partnership with the Women's Health Contribution Program, Health Canada
Until March 31, 2013, the Women’s Health Contribution Program supported the work of the CWHN, the Centres of Excellence for Women’s Health, and le Réseau québéçois d'action pour la santé des femmes. The CWHN played a key role in the Program, communicating the research findings of the program partners in timely and innovative ways. For this reason you will find a good deal of work by the WHCP partners on our website.