Video on statins, diabetes and women

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A recent video commentary offers an interesting and provocative take on the issue of women and statins.

In this commentary, Dr. Michael Eades discusses the videotaped remarks of Dr. JoAnn Manson at Harvard Medical School as she talks about the Women’s Health Initiative study as it relates to women on cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

Dr. Eades asks why – despite the recent evidence of an association between statins and diabetes in women, and evidence that statins provide no health benefits to women – Dr. Manson argues that this is not a reason to stop prescribing statins to women.

See the commentary on YouTube.

Read a recent letter about statins, in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Statins for primary prevention.

Read more the issues of safety and efficacy of statins for women, in Evidence for Caution: Women and Statin Use, by Harriet Rosenberg and Danielle Allard for Women and Health Protection.