Intersections: a newsletter of the Institute of Gender and Health (Fall 2010)

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Intersections : un bulletin de l'Institut de la santé des femmes et des hommes (Automne 2010)
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Vol. 2, no. 1, Special Issue: CIHR Institute of Gender and Health Celebrates 10 Years
Institute of Gender and Health, Canadian Institutes of Health Research
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Fall 2010
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Vancouver, BC

In this issue:
Message from the Scientific Director
How I Became a Fan of Sex Differences
Songs of Silence
Trans Pulse: Building Our Communities Through Research
The Stress Between the Sexes
Clearing the Smoke on Parents and Pregnancy: The FACET Journey
Gender Inequities in Health Care: Physicians’ Contributions
Who Smokes and Why: A Much Longer Way to Go, Baby!
From Research to Policy: Improving Sexual Minority Health
Gendering Medical Education
Mentored into Sex and Health Research
The IGH Cochrane Corner

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ISSN 1920-5465