Intersections: a newsletter of the Institute of Gender and Health (Spring 2011)

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Intersections : un bulletin de l'Institut de la santé des femmes et des homes (Printemps 2011)
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Vol. 2, Issue 2
Institute of Gender and Health, Canadian Institutes of Health Research
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Spring 2011
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Vancouver, BC

This edition of biannual newsletter is dedicated to the Institute’s strategic direction on work and health, an area that will be the focus of targeted funding opportunities launched by the Institute over the next two years.

Inside this issue:

Message from the Scientific Director
KT Monitor: Women’s Mental Health Symposium Sparks Momentum
IGH Cochrane Corner: Integrating Sex and Gender in Logic Models for Systematic Reviews
News Briefs: The First National Gender, Sex and Health Conference
Trainee Spotlight: 4 Questions for Stéphanie Thibault-Gagnon
Gender and the New Diseases of Occupation
From Womb to Old Age: Sex, Gender and the Health Effects of Work
Hooked on Health in the Fishing Industry
The Shady Side of Work under the Sun

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ISSN 1920-546