Bay Area Queer Women/Transfolks and Cancer Project

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Lesbians/bisexuals/transgendered women
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NGO - Non Government Organization
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A project seeking to learn more about how a diverse and trans-inclusive group of Bay Area (a) queer women and transfolks and (b) health advocates: (1) locate and make use of cancer knowledge, and (2) experience cancer health and care. All past, present and future women (of any taxonomic category) who self-identify as queer – that is, people who identify as “lesbian”, “gay”, “bisexual”, “queer”, and who may or may not identify as “trans”, and/or “Other” are included here. All trans folks who feel themselves part of (even if only historically) and comfortable in, the very diverse and multiple group that constitutes “women” & “trans folks” are welcome.

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