What a difference sex and gender make: a gender, sex and health research casebook (webinar)

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L'influence du genre et du sexe : un recueil de cas sur la recherche liée au genre, au sexe et à la santé (webinaire)
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Canadian Women's Health Network (CWHN)
Centres of Excellence for Womens Health (CEWH)
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Moderated by Joy Johnson, Scientific Director of the CIHR Institute of Gender and Health
Institute of Gender and Health of the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and Canadian Women's Health Network
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Three presentations on the IGH's peer-reviewed casebook that presents a range of research-based accounts that illustrate how attending to gender and sex in health research contributes to advancing knowledge, strengthening science and improving knowledge translation. Written from a critically reflective vantage point, chapters share health researchers' experiences in how they came to understand and engage gender and sex in their work. This collection demonstrates that there is much to be gained from the routine integration of gender and sex across the health research spectrum.
Presenting authors:
Adrianna Mendrek (presentation in English): Sex and gender differences in mental health research
Karen Messing (presentation in French): Work exposures and musculoskeletal disorders: how the treatment of gender and sex in population-based surveys can affect detection of exposure-effect relationships
John Oliffe (presentation in English): Mobilizing masculinity to support fathers who want to be smoke free

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Bilingual French/English Q&A.