Intersections: a newsletter of the Institute of Gender and Health (Fall/Winter 2011)

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Intersections : un bulletin de l'Institut de la santé des femmes et des hommes (Automne/hiver 2011)
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Vol. 3, Issue 1
Institute of Gender and Health - Canadian Institutes for Health Research
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Fall/Winter, 2011
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Vancouver, BC

In this issue:

• The Forgotten Sex in Sexual Pain
• At the Crossroads: Healthcare Experiences of Women with Female Genital Cutting
• Married to the Pill: Negotiating a Fifty-Year Relationship
• Who Really Gets Chlamydia?
• Message from the Scientific Director
• KT Monitor | An international symposium speak the unspoken about boys' body image.
• IGH Cochrane Corner | A look at key challenges in sensitizing systematic reviews to sex and gender.
News Briefs
• Trainee Spotlight | 4 questions for Lyndsay Hayhurst

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ISSN 1920-546