Death by prescription - a father takes on his daughter's killer: The Multi-Billion Dollar Pharmaceutical Companies

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Terence Young
Key Porter Books
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Toronto, ON

In 2000, 15-year-old Vanessa Young’s doctor prescribed Prepulsid for her stomach ailment. The drug was presented as safe by both Vanessa’s doctor and the manufacturer. Shortly after taking it, she died. Shattered by grief and anger, Terence Young began a long fight to find out why. This fight became a larger one, as Young determined to battle the industry to make sure this kind of tragedy never happened again. The truth, as he would discover, is that every year thousands of people die as a result of complications from prescription drugs. And most of the companies that manufacture these drugs simply don’t care. Death by Prescription is the story of a father's fight to find justice for his dead daughter, and a wake-up call to the millions of innocent people who are potential victims of pharmaceutical companies that put profits ahead of patients.

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ISBN: 978-1-55263-825-5
$32.95 cloth, 400 pp.